Do you have a safe space policy?

Thank you for asking. We too think this is super important and have posted the policy here.

Can I have free beer?

Maybe… check to see if registration is still available.

Can I bring my dog?

Yup. On a leash AND under control at all times. Know however that the festival will get very crowded.

Where’s the money go?

Check out

Do I have to pay to enter?

No. The event is free-to-attend. Not a drinker? Great, come on by and enjoy the show!

If you really like what we’re doing and want to donate to the cause, please make a donation via the tickets page.

How do I get there?

SEPTA! Take the Broad Street Line to the Lombard-South subway stop and you will land right at the start of the festival.

Ride Indego! Indego is hosting a corral at 15th and Roadman to hold all arriving bikes. Love Indego and want to use it all the time? Use promo IndeFest for $5 off your first month of  membership.

Street parking is almost nonexistent. If you must drive, park at least a couple blocks away, near an Indego Station, and ride a bike over!

I don’t have a wristband. Can I buy just one beer ticket?

Our pricing structure is set up as a minimum donation of $15 before and $20 the day of. You receive a BLOKTOBERFEST wristband in exchange for your minimum donation.

If you donate $15 and drink only one beer, please know that the excess revenue of your unused tickets will be directed back to the community.

If you really want to just have a beer and head out, a number of restaurants and bars on South Street will be open and serving. While their sales don’t directly benefit our granting process, those restaurants and bars are our sponsoring partners and we’ll be happy if you choose to visit them for that beer.

I DO have a wristband! Can I buy just one beer ticket?

Great! Yes! Please stop by a ticketing area and we’ll sell you some loosies – $5 a piece.

Why do I need a BLOKTOBERFEST wristband?

So we know that you’re 21 and that you’ve made a minimum donation to our cause. …one of us, one of us!

I found these tickets on the ground, can I buy a BLOKTOBERFEST wristband?

Respectfully, we appreciate you making the minimum donation to acquire a BLOKTOBERFEST wristband. We put a lot of work into this festival and our only reward is giving money to the community.

A restaurant gave me a wristband, can I get a beer?

You need a BLOKTOBERFEST branded wristband to get a beer from a beer tent. All other wristbands have meaning, but only BLOKTOBERFEST wristbands let you trade beer tickets for Bloktoberfest beer.

When should I arrive?


But, I love long lines! I love chitchat and patience so much. When will the line to get a beer be the longest?

We constantly adjust out program to disappoint people like you. This year we’re running six beer zones – the most of any bloktoberfest to date! However, in our experience, between 3pm and 5pm is when you’ll have the best chance of waiting in a line to get a beer.

What happened to premium beer?

It’s complicated. The concept of premium beer is for us to serve more expensive beers in smaller cups. Believe it or not, that’s a lot of work and creates some pretty annoying lines. This year we’re back to 12oz. pours across the board.

I don’t drink beer, can you mix me a cocktail?

We have a number of bar and restaurant partners who would be happy to serve up a mixed drink. For a shot, check out Bob and Barbra’s. For a mixed drink, try one of PHS Pop-up garden, The Cambridge, Rex 1516, Founding Fathers, Tio Flores, or Jet Wine Bar.

Can I drink my cocktail outside?

The bars and restaurants will give out a bracelets when they check your ID. Wear that bracelet and you may responsibly enjoy your beverage within the festival.

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