Funky Brethren

Main Stage October 15, 2016 2:30 pm - 3:20 pm

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Funky Brethren

Born in North Philadelphia, Kinyon Lanier was introduced to music at a very early age by his grandfather who played the saxophone. His love for music developed even more after joining a community choir in his early teens. But the passion for music really flourished in 1996 after joining Tony Moore & Jehovah’s Chosen. The album entitled, “Loved Lifted Me” put the group at the top of the gospel game with great producers and musicians such as Anthony Bell, Junius Bervine, Andre (Dre) Harris, & Jeff Bradshaw. With this super group, he toured up and down the east coast, performing at the Ottawa Jazz Fest in Canada and even at Walt Disney World.

Thru writing and producing with Tony Moore, Kinyon Lanier, the solo artist, began to emerge. In 2004, Kinyon had his first artist showcase at Rittenhouse Ethical Society and that night was epic. He went on to perform as a solo artist throughout the tri-state area for the next couple years. In 2009 he formed his own funk band named “ORCHESTRATE” for their size and all the instruments in the band. He later changed the name of the band to “My Funky Brethren”. This band of brothers went on to perform at Philadelphia’s hottest venues for the next couple years including the Milk Boy, the North Star, the Legendary Dobbs and World Café Live! This band encompassed funk and flavor thru its unique sound with a full horn section and throbbing percussions. In September of 2016 Kinyon released his first single entitled, “I Got So (Much Love).” Kinyon and My Funky Brethren continues to make their mark in Philly and the rest of the world. They are hoping to release a full length project in 2017.